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Welcome to the Sunray Osmington

We are a local family run business and our aim for this site is to renovate and improve the pub, to make it the family friendly village hub it once was. 


The Sun Ray is the original name of the public house that was more recently known as The Sly Fox.  Following feedback from people in the local village, we have taken the decision to adopt the name it was previously known by.


This temporary website will be used to publish regular updates on the progress of this project and answer questions people may have.

Our Vision

Our vision has always been to create a well managed site combining a mixture of new build and sympathetically converted holiday cottages centred around a well run family friendly village pub.  


The pub has suffered from a lack of maintenance and investment over a prolonged period and has reached the point where significant investment is required to bring it back into use.  


The level of investment required would make it uneconomically viable to reopen the pub on its own.  Our aim is that the addition of the holiday accommodation to the site would make the reopening and ongoing success of the pub feasible.


We want to restore and modernise the pub to create a welcoming space enjoyed by both local people and those that visit our town.  


Prior to our ownership, the pub had changed hands a number of times in the preceding years, indicating that changes need to be made.

Following the approval of the planning application that was recently submitted, below are details of some of the alterations that will be made to improve the pub:


- A new entrance to the pub will be formed with ramped access, leading in to a lighter and more cosy village pub

- With the link extension (which joined the pub to the cottage) removed, adults and children will be able to move freely from the front to the rear beer gardens without having to cross the carpark or walk through the pub. 


- The original bay windows will be reinstated to create a more intimate dining area.

- The original conservatory style extension will be replaced with a more appropriate design which will open onto an outdoor terrace creating outdoor dining space; with the side extension removed and the stone wall to the rear of the pub moved back, this will create some delightful outside areas to sit and enjoy a drink in the sun.

- Internally, the poorly constructed, heavily lowered ceilings will be removed. This combined with the new bays will create a more intimate seating area more like the original hotel from which the name Sunray originated.

- The rather unsightly conservatory-style extension will have the pitch roof removed to reveal more of the original building. The new flat roof, combined with floor-to-ceiling windows  will be much more in keeping with the original design of the building.


 Details of the plans can be seen here.

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